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Shin Tan

Perhaps if you do your FAMOUS CATWALK again, you might earn enough money to buy a new Macbook Pro??? Or perhaps someone will get it for you cos you are just TOO SEXY, hehehehehehe


Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Keep dreaming and wishing and hoping and you know what???? You might just get one! If you don't, it means you didn't want it bad enough.


Hehe... mine is the same as yours except it melted already LOL. One thing abt Macs they always get heated up very fast! Esp those ancient ones.

I like your dream, I share your dream, and may all dreams come true soon!

Tsem Tulku

Dreams do come true....if we create the causes..they will come true as it follows the law of cause and effect..

Tsem Tulku

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