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Yeah I agree with your friends...it was a let down..
The old version of it was still better...

"Nothing beats a multi-armed, multi-faced and all-powerful Tibetan god/Buddha."
I didn't know the Buddha was Tibetan...lol :-p


The Buddha is not Tibetan but we know of the Tantric ones because of Tibet. Hence, they have become Tibetan.


From my limited reading...
Tantric 'deities' are not only limited to Tibetan Vajrayana but also in Japanese Vajrayana: Shingon, which took its lineage from the ancient Tang Dynasty Vajrayana, transmitted from India, which died out in China but survived in Japan through Kobo Daishi who established Shingon on Mt. Koya.
The same tantric yidams that one finds in Tibetan Vaj can also be found in Shingon, only perhaps given different names and methods, in the lower and higher tantra practices.
Tantric deities are supraculture and timeless, akin to the qualities of the Dharma as I have read.

Tyler Mihalson

"On the other hand, I found that the gods were not skimpily-clad enough." ...and this is when I start rolling my eyes. Hah, you sound like my sister. =P


Peter, that's true. I am aware of Japanese Tantric tradition but I know very little. I know that the Dalai Lama had been to Japan to consecrate a Guhyasamaja temple - a complicated Tantric lineage.

Tyler, well, its more fun to see more skin sometimes. hahaha. No one said I am a holy man.

Tyler Mihalson

But it seems like you aspire to be one. You're in good hands and will be one someday soon, I'm sure of it.

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