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Very True. People spend so much digging out issues like that to debate and debate but in actual fact there are so many unfortunate people who needed help in today's society and yet people are wasting so much time debating on religion, what to do and what not to do... Hmmm... move on already people.. :)


Thanks Ethan. Yes, a lot of people focus on small issues and avoid bigger underlying issues. GLBTs are always scapegoats for religious fundamentalists for a longest time. I heard the current Pope of the Catholic church denounce homosexuality as the biggest threat of our time.


frankly i think sex is disgusting... no matter wat your orientation. Imagine licking and kissing parts of the body that produce waste matter, i mean it really takes a huge shift in perception to accomplish this... desire is just delusion. We got to see through it. Doesn't matter your orientation you know...

kenny wong

Hi david, my fist time checking out your blog... how's it hanging... very interesting article you posted there. I have to admit I WAS quite homophobic a few years ago... but you know what who cares...I don't care anymore... why should homosexuality be an issue in buddhism. If you are a student of the dharma.. you should focus on looking at your self first instead of pointing at others...EEE why like that wan ar... And yes, even straight sex will become a delusion when we dwell too much into it... it becomes an addiction... which is why buddhism is so great as it teaches us the middle path... if you gonna getlaid enjoy it but don't allow it to become a craving la... and Mr/Ms Sensitive should go out and get laid... ha ha sex is not disgusting... it's beautiful if you're in union with the right person and for the right reasons...

David Lai

Hey kenny! Fancy seeing you here. Thanks for stopping my blog and put on a very extensive comment. Haven't seen you around in a long time. How're you doing?

kenny wong

hello, been busy working and preparing for next year's wedding (spending a lot of time with in laws to be) .... I'm fine, yourself? Give me a buzz one of these days, we go yum cha or lunch... As you know I'm a once a week Kechara member :) So quite elusive... ha,ha... drag jamie along also la... but I konw she's quite busy also..

Tell you what, I'll give you a yell after monday puja... see if you free...

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