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Hi, I have not read any of KMP's books yet but I have been reading your blog occasionally and find some of the things you write rather interesting. As for fund-raising ideas, what about doing a dinner or a garage sale? Those are usually the easiest... All the best! Merry Christmas!

Nina B

Also, another idea for fund-raising is to partner with an appropriate company that sells goods or services you value, who will donate say 10% of each sale to your cause. If they are national, international or Internet based, this would extend your reach and your chances of raising money. You could promote it via your blog, through your organisation and so on. Depending on what your readership volumes are, you could interest anything from a local store to a huge corporation! Anything is possible - good luck and I wish you a productive 2011.

David Lai

Thank you Nina, that was a rather good idea that I can look into. I will see what can be done. But I really appreciate your idea. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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