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even if young, u should write more about your memories- just like this post :)


Hi there sound nice I wish came to Kechara in Malesia and also got to Nepal, actualy I miss all of this at the moment I miss the peacefull of Gompas, I wish be closer from my lama to thanks for this article

David Lai

Thank you Raluca and Djinpa. I will write more about my travels and stuff from time to time. Djinpa, why don't you share what you missed about Nepal on your blog. You write a lot and its nice to read it too...

Harper Cosper

Such a lovely place it is! When you're stressed out and you want to get away from all the noise and the bustle, traveling to different places is one of the best ways that you can do to relax and unwind. Haven't been to Nepal yet, but I will surely go there if I were given a chance! =)

Abigail Schoorl

From looking at the architecture, Nepal looks like a cross between cultures. The presence of modern cars does make quite a disjointed image beside those ancient monuments, but that's also a crossroads of time that's worth experiencing. Nepal will definitely be on my list!

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